The online communities are currently hosted in private Facebook groups. You must be a member of the program to participate in these groups.

In the community for our Low Back & Core, Hip, Shoulder, and Pelvic Floor Courses, you can ask questions related to whichever course you're working on.  

In the community for the Total Body Program, you can post videos of your movements from the program, posture pictures, ask questions about different things that you are feeling with your body, and offer feedback and encouragement to other members.  We encourage every single member in the community to find buddies who they can tag in their posts to help each other out in learning the movements and support each other along the way. You don’t need to be a trainer, physical therapist, or any kind of movement guru to be able to give feedback and helping others.  Experiencing a movement with your own body and being able to teach that to someone else is something that helps you improve your own body awareness even more and also helps someone else at the same time.

The MoveU Coaches are active within all communities and oversees all activity in the groups, providing additional feedback and support continuously during your journey throughout the program.