The MoveU Program is a step-by-step video-based program to help you understand and improve your body. The program allows you to discover for yourself where the muscle weaknesses and imbalances exist.

Our Total Body Program is our flagship program. It takes a linear and progressive approach, helping you create a strong foundation by starting with the most fundamental movements and building from there, layer by layer, as a comprehensive way of developing strength in overall alignment.  Once a member, we strongly encourage you to join the private Facebook Community to post your movements where you can get professional coaching and analysis.  Phase 1 lays the foundation for functional movement using good form. Phase 2 starts adding weight and intensity and should be done only after completing Phase 1.

The Back & Core, Hip, and Shoulder Programs are designed to be self led with little to no coaching, although we do have a private Facebook community where you can ask questions. These programs are meant to be exploratory so that you grow in physical self awareness and learn what isolated, area specific muscular contractions feel like. Dr. Mike created it to be entertaining and challenging for those wanting fast results by pushing you to find your end ranges of motion.  The goal of this is to help you find the aligned "middle space" between the extremes.  

The Pelvic Floor Course is for anyone with a pelvic floor... which is both men and women.  If you have just had a baby, suffer from ED or urinary incontinence, or simply want to have a strong core and pelvic floor, this program is for you and was designed and led by Dr. Mike and Dr. Brittney Ellers, a pelvic floor physical therapist.

MoveU Fitness is where you'll find follow along workouts meant to coincide with what you learn in the LB&C, Hip, and Pelvic Floor programs.  Follow the progress calendars from each of the intro sections to get you started and always use your personal discretion, listening to your body’s signals.  If you feel pain at any point, back off the movement until comfortable.  If pain persists, head over into the Total Body program and get some coaching on your movements.

You get to choose. The approaches are totally different so you can dive into one program at a time, or you can work them side by side as they complement each other nicely. With your membership, you have access to it ALL.  We highly recommend that you give it at least 3 months of consistent practice to notice a change in your body. If you're coming with pain and/or postural issues, those issues have developed over time, and it takes time + consistency to reverse that effect.

Happy MUving!