It can be both!

If you are someone who is enrolling in The MoveU Program because of pain, we recommend that you focus only on the program. This sets you up for the best success to learn more about what is causing your pain and work to improve it first before you return to another fitness routine.

Even if you are someone who is enrolling and don’t have much pain, we also recommend that you focus on the program for similar reasons. We’d rather have you focus on making the necessary improvements in your body in the short-term so you can return to your sport or hobby and work towards achieving some amazing results and work towards long-term goals.

We understand that some people will *NOT* be able to put their current activities on pause for various reasons (i.e. if you serve in the military or as a first responder, you are training for the Olympics, you are in the middle of your season for a sport or hobby, have a marathon in 1 month, etc.). We want you to still be able to do those incredible things, and we ask that you take what you learn in the MoveU Program and apply it to your training to keep your body as strong & healthy as possible.