After enrolling in The MoveU Program, you will be taken into the introductory module where we will explain everything that you need to know. This will include an invitation to join our private support community on Facebook. In this community, you will have the ability to interact with the MoveU Coaches and other members of the program who are working on the same exercises.

We encourage you to record videos of yourself doing the exercises, watching them yourself, learning to analyze your own movements, and then sharing the video(s) and your self-analysis to the group. The MoveU Coaches and your buddies from the group can then view your videos and share feedback on how you can keep improving and getting stronger!

The only way to receive feedback from our coaches is by joining the community. We do not have 1-on-1 sessions and do not see anyone in person. Our goal to help as many people out of pain as possible does not allow for 1-on-1 coaching, but we know that getting feedback through the community and our coaches will provide you with the roadmap for success.